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About Martha

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Martha with lavender

Martha O. Wilczynski, Owner Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, MI  LLC

Hi, I'm Martha Otto Wilczynski.  With my husband Bill, I own and operate Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, Michigan.  My background & education includes growing up as an outdoor-loving farm girl, pursuing degrees in Chemistry, Botany & Plant Pathology and Landscape Architecture, followed by work as an environmental consultant focused on water resources, wetlands and prairies.

After years of living in other states, Bill and I bought my family's farm in 1998 and began the journey we are now on. In 2001 we planted our first 2000 lavender plants.  In subsequent years, we started distilling our lavender flowers to make our own fragrant lavender water and essential oil.  We also joined with a beekeeper friend  to keep bees at our farm and produce our own deliciously fragrant lavender honey.  I started producing the soaps, balms, sachets and lotions and sprays that I now offer for sale in our shop, on our website and at the farmers markets I attend. In 2008 we planted a 2+ acre "native pollinator" prairie on our farm and have watched as more and more native prairie wildflowers have begun to bloom each year, giving our native bee, wasp and fly pollinators season-long foraging areas. 

Truly, much of the beauty and essence of Lavender Hill Farm is owed to the forces of nature that carved the rolling hills and laid the sandy soils which support our crops. A debt is also owed to my parents who loved this land and kept the beauty intact all the years before we bought it.  We continue to nurture and develop its beauty in ways that support our mission to provide an outstanding sensory experience to all who choose to come out and enjoy it.  

During the lavender bloom time, from late-June to late-July the farm & the Lavender Hill Shop are open 5 days a week 10 am to 4 pm. The farm is also open limited hours in spring and fall, please check the calendar on this website  or our facebook page: for more information.

We hope you will come out to the farm and experience the scenic beauty that we enjoy every day.