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Lavender Hill Farm Essential Oil Analysis

GC/MS Analysis Results of 'Folgate' English Lavender & 'Super' Lavandin

At Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, MI   LLC we produce limited quantities of our own English Lavender and Hybrid Lavandin Essential Oil.  Essential Oils (EO) are volatile oils removed from plants by steam distillation.    These essential oils are made up of varying quantities of many different chemical compounds that can be separated and identified by todays analytical chemistry instruments.    The combination of all of the chemical constituents in an EO give a particular plant species and variety its "chemical fingerprint".  Lavender EO has a myriad of uses, but the most common use is for its highly pleasant and uplifting yet relaxing scent.

Plants evolved to produce essential oils for defensive purposes.  Some constituents of EO's may be important to plants for disease resistance or insect or herbivore repellency.  Lavender for instance is not pallatable to deer, likely because of the smell and taste of the volatile oils in the plant. Some oil constituents are valuable anti-septics, such as terpinen-4-ol, a constituent of many essential oils such as lavender and tea tree.  The anti-septic properties may be  useful to the plants in detering bacterial or fungal plant disease agents, but they are also valuable in detering disease agents in humans, thus the use of plant EO's for their medicinal properties.  Care must be taken in using EO's medicinally as they are very powerful substances and may interact with other medicines or may cause skin sensitivities in some people. 

In 2012 Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, MI  contracted Dr. Pappas of Essential Oil University to analyze our English 'Folgate' lavender oil and our 'Super' Hybrid Lavandin oil using gc/ms analysis.  Both of our oils were rated very highly.  Follow the links below to see the analytical results and see Dr. Pappas's comments at the bottom. 

Click here for 'Folgate' English Lavender Analysis
Click here for 'Super' Lavandin Analysis