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Lavender-Vetiver Bath & Massage Oil

Back to Bath & Body Lavender-Vetiver Bath & Massage Oil

A lovely, light moisturizing oil containing a blend of: sesame oil, rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil & apricot kernel oil and scented with a special blend of lavender & vetiver essential oils. Lavender with its light floral scent and vetiver with its sweet, woody scent are very compatible fragrances. Both are said to aid in relaxation, and reduce anxiety.  This oil is light enough to spray on your skin, and it absorbs easily giving your skin a very soft, velvety feel. The oil also washes out of fabrics easily.  The 4 oz bottle comes with a fine mist sprayer-top so you can easily spray it on after a shower or bath, or anytime! 

Producer: Lavender Hill Farm
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