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Essential Oil Blends

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Lavender Hill Farm's original essential oil blends in 10 ml bottles are pure, undiluted essential oils, for use diluted in diffusers, or warmers, or in your own products such as colognes, soaps, laundry detergent, room fresheners, etc.  We buy these oils from a reputable wholesale source and we blend them in the right proportions to make appealing balanced compositions with high, mid and base notes. Care should be taken as pure essential oils are powerful substances and should be properly diluted before use.

Producer: Lavender Hill Farm
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Lavender-Lemongrass ($10.00)
Lavender-Citrus-Mint ($10.00)
Lavender-Evergreen ($10.00)
Lavender-Clary Sage-Bergamot ($10.00)
Moth Repellant- Lavender-Cedarwood ($10.00)
Lavender-Tangerine-Palmarosa ($10.00)
Lavender-Geranium ($10.00)
Lavender-Juniper-Rosemary ($10.00)
Optimism Blend (Citrus-Evergreen) ($10.00)